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Zodiac Zippos                                                                                 

Zippos with astrological themes did not appear in regular production models until the early 1970's.  Since then Zodiac designs have appeared in several popular Zodiac Zippo series.   Most of the lighters on this page are rare prototypes.

1969 Town & Country process Zippos
with colorful engraving of the 12
houses of the Zodiac
1969 Town & Country process Zippos. 
One has Aquarius, the water carrier
in green, the other in rose.
1970 Zippo with the Gemini twins, 
the signature of Joseph J. Cavellaro
on the reverse.  This production
model Zippo is more often seen on
the slim models
1974 Zippo with attached Cancer badge; belonged to "Russ" 1975 slim Zippo with
an attached Taurus badge. "Burkie" engraved on the lid.
  1974 Zippo Zodiac Series Aries - slim      
  1974 slim Zippo with Aries, one of 12 lighters from the Zodiac Series.   1980 Zippo with Sagittarius, the Archer.   1980 Zippo with Aries, the Ram.


1989 Pisces Zippo
1991 with Scorpio on a brass case.   1992 Zippo with
a red Virgo.
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