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Truck  Zippo

The first vehicles to appear as advertising on on the Zippo lighter was in the 1940's after World War II, beginning with local Pennsylvania truck companies. Zippos were often used by transportation companies and truck manufacturers through the 1970's for advertising until anti-smoking attitudes made such lighters less "politically correct". However, cool truck designs can be found on more recent Zippos produced for collectors like the 1991 Zippo Truck Series shown below.


1946-47 line-drawn Zippo of a "New Penn" truck. This design is one of the earliest truck images on a Zippo

1947-49 Zippo for Phila.-Pitts. Carriers with offices in 
Pittsburgh, Erie, and New
Castle, Pennsylvania.

1949-50 Zippo for Hare Cartage Co. Inc.  - "Gets it There - Safer-Faster"

1952-53 Zippo for Dixie Highway Express, Inc. of  Meridian, Miss. Early line-drawn Zippo filled with red

1953 Zippo with a  Brandt's tanker truck,  Bloomington Illinois.

1959 Zippo with cement truck for Dunkirk Ready-
Mix Concrete Corp. Dunkirk, NY.

1959 Zippo for Concrete Mix Inc. with truck "Transit-Mixed", Hutchinson, Kansas.

1961 Zippo for Mt. Vernon Truck
Body Co. of Mt Vernon & Utbana, Illinois. Belonged to Gail Denny.

1962 tanker truck Zippo advertising John Schutt, Jr. Inc.

1962 Zippo with tanker truck -
The Shelly  Co.

1968 Zippo with an Inland Express tractor trailer.

1970 Zippo with attached badge
with Mack's bulldog logo.  Made
for the  Robinson Service & Equip. Inc., New Castle, Pa.  Mack Trucks, Inc. was founded in 1900 by Jack
and Gus Mack in Brooklyn, NY

1970's Barcroft Model IV table lighter with attached Mac logo.  The bulldog became associated with Mack during WWI when English soldiers began calling them "Bulldog Macks".

1971 Zippo depicting a U-Haul truck and trailer for "rentals".

1973 Zippo with a truck trailer combination.

1973 Zippo with a System truck trailer.  "System Service Satisfies" The reverse reads "Thaonk you for being an important part of System Transfer & Storage C. Success Story in Over 50 Years of Business"

1976 advertising Zippo for American Red Ball World Wide Movers.

Two-sided 1977 slim Zippo for Tri-State Motor Transit Co. of  Joplin, Missouri.  Interesting three-color  design, with one side showing the front of a
truck and the reverse side showing the back.

1977 Zippo with a tanker truck advertising  Cyrus Truck Line Inc. "We Sell Nothing Except Service".

1978 truck trailer for Continental Can Company with an American flag design.

1978 Diesel Trucks - Mercedes-Benz (date error-no slashes on left) first motor truck was built in 1896 by the German automotive pioneer Gottlieb Daimler
1985 Zippo with Jeep and "Phillipines".
Three truck cabs from Zippo's 1991 American Truck Series. 
 An International on the left, a Kenworth in the middle and
a Peterbilt on the right.