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Trick Zippos

Zippo "Trick" lighters are designed to surprise the unsuspecting user and are also called Surprise Zippos. They usually involve the overlap of emblems attached to the case and lid. Rare, early examples of Trick Zippos are shown below. Contemporary and more sophisticated surprise Zippos can be found in the Barrett-Smythe Series.

To the left is a a 1965 Zippo and to the right a slim 1969 model.  The flying man is an extension of Hertz '60's television advertisements  that showed a man gracefully flying through the air in a seated position into his moving convertible Hertz rental car.
Two 1975 Raggedy Ann Zippos.  One has a straight flower stalk, the other a slightly curved stalk.  The Raggedy Ann doll was created by John Gruelle
in 1915.  He began his Raggedy Ann and Andy stories in 1918 and continued until his death in 1938.