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Airline Zippos

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Since the beginning of commercial aviation in the 1930's, many airlines have come and gone.  Some here today may be gone tomorrow.


This is a two-sided 1946-47
Zippo  commemorating American
Discovery Flight for American
Overseas Airlines, Flagship
Europe, ESSO Europe-US September
1949, belonging to Joe Ryle.

1949-51 two-sided Zippo, 
American Overseas Airlines  with American Airlines and ESSO
with wings logo.

1946-49 Zippo:  Scandinavian Airlines
System or SAS
traces its history back to
a merger in 1946 of Swedish carriers
ABA and SLA - Svensk Intercontinental
Lufttraffik , Norway's carrier DNL - Det Norske Luftfartselskap and the Danish carrier DDL - Danske Luftfartselskap AB to cover overseas routes for Scandinavia.
1956 Zippo with 1946 Scandinavian Airlines Zippo logo attached. 
American Airlines was founded
in 1934.

1956 Zippo with TWA Trans Wordl Airways logo.  TWA was founded in 1930.

1953 two-sided Zippo advertising TWA's Lockheed Super G Constellation.

1951 Zippo, Paul Reeder signature with
United Airlines attached badge.

1951 Zippo commemorating
United Airlines 25th Anniversary


United Airlines, Winner Cargo Contest 1953 San Francisco on 1953 Zippo

1953 Zippo for Colonial Airlines 25 Year Silver Anniversary of Safety "Over 25 Years of Safety - Safety Is No Accident".  The airline began in 1926 and was merged into Eastern Airlines in 1956.